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Aaronia has launched the GPS Logger.

The Aaronia GPS - Logger includes a total of 5 sensors, all of them on the cutting edge of technology, making it the world's first stand-alone data logger with such a variety of sensors. The logger can be used in combination with the Spectran to record GPS, Gyro, Tilt, compass and acceleration data altogether with the recordings of the Analyzer. Further it´s also possible to see e.g. how the antenna has been positioned during the measurement and the orientation it has been pinpointing.Not to forget is also the very small form factor and the extremely high data rate of approx. 35 logs/second(freely adjustable). The logger with battery weighs just 88 grams.   



It can also be used as standalone instrument without the Spectran. The included 5 sensors makes it the only logger on the market with this number of included sensors.

The Logger is available from stock, incl. transport case, internal battery, µSD Card + Adapters, USB Cable and Software. It also includes mounting brackets to directly mount it on e.g. HyperLOG X antennas. Using this bracket it can also be installed anywhere else.
该记录仪有现货供应,仪器内置电池,提供mini SD卡、适配器、USB连接线、软件和运输包装箱。还提供一个安装支架,可以直接安装到Aaronia HyperLOG X系列的天线上,甚至可以安装到任何地方。

The following sensors are integrated in the logger:

- High End GPS sensor incl. antenna position, speed and altitude information with a sensitivity of -165 dBm
- 3D compass with 1-2 degree precision
- 3D/Triaxial acceleration sensor with up to 4 mg resolution
- 3D/Triaxial Gyro / Tilt sensor with a sensitivity of 14 LSBs per second
- Altimeter / Pressure sensor with very high accuracy / resolution and a wide pressure range of 260 - 1260mbar and a height resolution of up to 20cm



The main purpose of the GPS logger consists of recording the position and even the orientation of the Aaronia antennas ( HyperLOG X , HyperLOG EMI or Magnotracker series) .
GPS记录仪的主要用于记录安诺尼天线(HyperLOG X,HyperLOG EMI或Magnotracker系列)的位置和取向。

The GPS sensor allows for easy collection and documentation of your measurement position , including elevation information .Even more interesting is the Tilt-sensor and the digital compass, hereby the inclination and orientation of the antenna can be recorded and evaluated during the measurement. This special feature allows you to easily create an " RF heat map " including frequency , direction and strength of an RF source within 360 degrees.  
Of course, the Aaronia GPS Logger can also be used for other purposes.


The Aaronia GPS-Logger offers a very fast update rate of up to 35 complete logs with all sensor data per second (on µSD-Card and/OR USB-Streaming) offering a "real time" display of the unit orientation.
At maximum rate the Aaronia GPS-Logger will produce around 50MB/hour (uncompressed)!
The maximum usable µSD volume is 4GB, offering a maximum recording time of about 3 days at full speed on the µSD card.
The data rate can be adjusted to much lower rates to keep data volume much lower offering long time recording on the µSD card over weeks or even months.
安诺尼 GPS记录器提供所有传感器数据,每秒可达35个完整的记录(存储在mini SD卡或USB传输),非常快的更新率实时显示。
最大支持4GB的mini SD卡,以最大速率可连续存储3天的数据。数据速率可自由调整,以更低的速率可通过mini SD卡存储数周或数月的数据。

The logger has three operating modes :

- Streaming / logging on the internal ( removable) μSD Card, completely independently as a stand- alone device
- Continuous recording via USB port (PC, Linux or MAC OS)
- Transfer of files stored in internal μSD Card (PC, Linux or MAC OS)
 - 在内部(可拆卸)mini SD卡,完全独立作为一个独立的流媒体记录
- 通过USB端口连续记录(PC,Linux或Mac OS)
- 存储在mini SD卡(PC,Linux或Mac OS)文件传输

Included with delivery包装及配件

GPS logger, carrying case with foam inserts, 650mAh LiPo battery (built-in), Aaronia USB cable, 1GB μSD card, μ on SD / Mini SD Adapter, USB Reader, Evaluation Software (PC, Linux, and Mac OS), mounting rail and screws.
GPS记录仪、海绵、内置650mAh电池、USB电缆、1GB mini SD卡、扩展卡、USB读卡器、安装导轨和螺丝、评估软件(PC,MACOS,Linux)
尺寸(L / W / D):106 x 45 x 22 mm
www.aaronia-china.com www.aaronia-china.cn

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